About This Site


The Civic Fabric is a collection of observations and thoughts filtered through my professional career directing a philanthropic family foundation. The foundation is located outside Cleveland Ohio and serves a community that is reeling from the economic shifts of the past twenty years. Fifty years ago, Lorain County, Ohio enjoyed a robust economy based primarily on steel and auto manufacturing and also shipbuilding. Today, much of that economy has diminished considerably and as the responsibility for the economic and civic vitality of the community shifts to a “next generation” it is wrought with challenges. Hunger, Poverty, undereducation, decaying urban centers are only a few of the problems a new generation confronts. In addition to Lorain County, Ohio the foundation serves the communities of Columbia, South Carolina; Denver, Colorado, and Boston, Massachusetts. My job has offered me a privilege to meet the real heroes of our country – the people that run non-profit organizations that serve to enrich all citizens of a community there the ridge between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen. In the midst of some dreadfully challenging issues, I have met people who incarnate hope and give life to us all. The thoughts presented on this site are distilled from reflections; usually completed on a stair stepper, and are offered to the reader to share your own thoughts. I welcome comments, disagreement, links to other sites etc. It is through dialogue that somehow our county will anchor itself in the democratic ideals established by the founders of this great nation.